About Us

Our mission

To promote the overall development of the child by enabling him to develop all the dimensions of his person and to gradually lead him to adapt to the life of the community and to integrate it harmoniously and safely.

The child is the central element of our educational project. Each child is a unique being with his or her personality, culture, family background, pace of development, and ways of thinking and acting.

It is a being in its own right that is respected and to which one recognizes needs particulars according to its age and its personal development. It is an individual to whom one grants, the right to be different and to develop one’s individuality while respecting the others.

To this end, our dynamic and professional team warmly welcomes each child enrolled in our daycare and each member of our team is committed to respecting the rhythm of each one of them in order to ensure that they meet their physiological and psychological.

Our schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6h30am-6h00pm 6h30am-6h00pm 6h30am-6h00pm 6h30am-6h00pm 6h30am-6h00pm

We might consider opening the daycare 30 minutes earlier and closing 30 minutes later. Additional fees would then apply and a minimum registration number would be required. Tell us what you’re looking for, we’re here to help you find solutions.